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Our Cross Industry Expertise


Effective strategies begin with insight and insight is gained through relevant experience.  In business terms, that means years of operating in the industry, conducting the business at hand.  Who better to trust to help formulate direction and lead significant aspects of your business then people who have already proven themselves successful in doing just that, time and time again. 


We are focused in our industries by design.  The “time and time” again part is also important.  By working in the industry for many clients, we bring unique perspectives to bear.  We know we have to work within your environment and each organization is different, but there are some experiences that can be universally applied. 


Cogent brings the best of both worlds to bear, deep industry experience, executives with more than 30 years of “hands on” leadership, people who have been responsible for enterprise initiatives consisting of hundreds of people and tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars of budget, and wide and diverse experiences with many similar clients in the same industry.  

Whether you are Retail, Commercial, Local, Credit Union, Regional, Super Regional, International, Private Wealth, Capital Markets (Broker Dealer, Hedge Fund, Equities, Fixed Income, Retirement) Government Sponsored, Payments, Credit Bureau, whomever you are in the financial services industry, we have worked with you.


We have been at the forefront of the changes which have besieged this marketplace.  Helping organizations adjust to the new regulatory realities as well as the new paradigms arising from technological innovation.

financial services

We have broad and deep experience with domestic and international manufacturers of all types, from Process Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing to Custom Engineering shops. We have been involved in every aspect of the business and just about every function.



We have deep experience with CLECs, Cable, Wireless, Entertainment, Content Providers, ISPs and other utilities and utility operators.  We understand the business and have the depth of technology expertise to help overcome even the most challenging issues affecting the business.

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